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The Shira Ridge Difference

We Believe in putting our Clients' best interests first 

We get to know you: We want to get to know you, your life, your needs, concerns, and objectives. We are active listeners who genuinely care about you, your business, your family, and your goals.


We help envision your future: What is important to you? What do you want your life to look like...and at what point? Our experience in collaborating with you to discover and envision your future is what sets us apart as planners.


We commit to you: We are committed to integrity, respect, confidence, teamwork, good citizenship, personal accountability, collaboration, empowerment, self-sufficiency, family values, enjoyment of life, compassion, and goodness. We are results oriented, and incorporate these commitments into every relationship.


We are results oriented: We use multiple investment strategies* that are designed to respect the ups and downs of the markets. We do not strive to provide abnormally successful returns. If the worst possible scenario keeps you awake at night, we can put strategies in place that seek to protect you.


   People start working with Shira Ridge because they are ready to take control of their future and are tired of living with financial guessing

  People stay with Shira Ridge because of our unwavering commitment to the ongoing success of our clients—helping them work toward achieving their personal goals.


* No strategy assures success or guarantees against loss.