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What Can We Do for You?

Financial Planning

One of our core beliefs at Shira Ridge is that our clients are more financially satisfied and enjoy their lives more when they have a personal financial plan and wealth management strategy that is tailored to help them reach their own unique goals. A good plan contains meaningful information, actionable recommendations, and should be reviewed and updated regularly. 

Having a plan is vital to helping you feel more confident and prepared for your future.

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We  believe...

Shira Ridge uses thoughtful investment management strategies designed to respect the markets’ movements.

  • We believe that you should be able to sleep at night, without sticking your money under your mattress
  • We believe that your money should be managed one way when you're accumulating it, and should be managed an alternative way when you are starting to spend it
  • We believe that we should focus on what we can control - taxes, spending, savings, consistency. discipline, strategy
  • We believe that we can simplify the process, and the results, for you
  • We believe that having an experienced financial advisor greatly increases your chances for a lifetime of financial success 
  • We believe that having knowledge, relying on facts, and having a financial advisor who acts as a fiduciary with integrity and transparency, are non-negotiable