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Whom Have We Helped?

Our clients tell us that the relationships we have developed with them have made a positive difference in their lives.

Women in Business and Transition

Having a strong, financially-aware foundation will help lead to greater confidence as you juggle the myriad demands that you handle in your life every day.

Do any of the following transitional activities apply to you?

  • Lost a spouse
  • Received an inheritance
  • Started or sold a business
  • Are nearing retirement
  • Are recently divorced or married
  • Have become an empty-nester (buying or selling a house?)
  • Are caring for elderly parents or a family member

As the founder of Shira Ridge, Laurie is especially passionate about empowering women to feel that they can be in control of the financial part of their life by having a plan and working with Shira as a trusted partner to manage that plan. She brings to her client relationships her personal, as well as professional, experience as both a business owner and as a woman who has experienced several of the transitions listed above. She is actively involved in a number of Women's and Community Business Groups that meet regularly in Marin and avidly shares information, advice and resources with clients.

We encourage an environment where our clients feel understood, non-judged, are comfortable in asking questions, and know that we truly care about them...always.

Retirement Planning for the New Environment

Whether you are looking to retire or “rewire,” when you have reached that point in your life where you are no longer generating steady, predictable income, having an intentional plan can truly help to reduce that new feeling of financial uncertainty.

  • Are you looking to add world-wide travel to your life?
  • Will your government entitlements be stable?
  • When should you start Social Security?
  • Are there ways to be more tax efficient with your investments or cash flow?
  • What's the best way to generate your own pension plan?
  • Am I too late to start planning? Am I too young to start planning?

Our clients find comfort in knowing that we stay current with, and provide advice on, issues regarding the economy, entitlements, IRAs, and 401Ks, to name a few areas. We have provided solutions and managed our clients’ wealth with the goal of helping to protect and secure their current and also future objectives and desired lifestyles. It's really about the life journey, not one point of time in the future.